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About Us

Welcome to LushProtein.
Your trusted source of premium,
clean-formulated nutrition.

Welcome to LushProtein! We thank you for visiting us and showing the initiative to take charge of your fitness.

It’s no secret that nutrition plays a key role in ones health. Unfortunately, eating and fueling well has become increasingly complicated. No doubt there are countless brands out there on the marketplace but the majority simply under-deliver and overcharge. Excessive claims and confusing labels are rife in an industry where it’s easier to profit on misinformation.

We knew we were not alone when we found it difficult to find effective and clean sports nutrition at an accessible price that makes sense. We believe that consumers do not have to make the choice between better nutrition and convenience, and that fitness nutrition should be accessible for everyone, not just pro athletes. Figuring that we could do a better job, we established LushProtein in 2013.

To achieve this, we had to do things differently. We decided to own the entire process, from sourcing our own ingredients across the globe, to formulating and blending our unique products, to directly shipping our products to your door. We started with a single product, launching the purest whey proteins available in Asia. Now LushProtein has grown into one of the leading fitness brands in Asia proudly offering a growing range of fitness nutrition and supplements. Our continued growth would not have been possible without the continued support of our customers so we thank you and we promise to push on, making each day better than the last.

Here's to a Lush life!
Nathaniel & Dzarrin
Co-founders of LushProtein

Evolved Business Model

By selling directly to you online, we’re able to trim away excess and offer our high-quality products at an accessible price everyone can get behind.

Lush Supply Chain

Clean & Pure

Its not what we put in, its what we take out.

LushProtein is made with quality ingredients you understand and proven formulations free from unwanted fillers, additives and junk. We spend months sourcing for the best protein ingredients around the world and only work with trusted suppliers.

Unparalleled Value

We own the entire process, from sourcing ingredients from trusted suppliers, to formulating and blending our products to directly shipping our products to your door.

This means we can continually innovate to make your proteins even better. By selling directly to you online, we're able to trim away excess and offer our high-quality products at a price everyone can access. Besides, who likes lugging protein powders back from the store?

Keeping it Local

We are proudly founded on the shores of sunny Singapore and call Asia home. Our teams are based both in Singapore and Malaysia and are committed to bringing best-in-class nutrition to our local community. Whilst we source ingredients globally (only the best!), we are driven to support local industries and suppliers as much as possible.

Meet The Team

Nathaniel Loe

Nathaniel loves being outdoors as much as a good cup of whey (and coffee). A self-declared protein connoisseur - he makes sure LushProtein pushes out the best tasting protein powders on the market.

Dzarrin Alidin

Dzarrin is a former commodities trader and now spends his time sniffing out the best proteins powders available. An avid runner and former competitive distance athlete - Dzarrin completed the self-supported Gobi Desert March in 2012, a grueling 250km ultra-marathon over 6 days. Rumour has it Dzarrin runs on batteries and works 23 hours a day.

Felicia Choo

Adult Supervision & Slave Driver
Felicia wields a PHD in Bioengineering and has over a decade experience in both banking and the R&D sector. Whilst she is not busy whipping the team in shape, Felicia spends the rest of her time as busy mother to a baby boy born in 2016.