4 Tips You Can Follow To Get the Perfect Squat

Squats are one of the best exercises for your body. It helps you increase your body’s flexibility, builds leg muscles, and improves your overall body strength.

But how sure are you that you’re doing it right? We found some tips for you to follow, just in case you’re in doubt and there’s no mirror around to check:

1. You’re able to lift your toes

curl toes up

(Image: Balance Barre)

Your body weight and centre of gravity shouldn’t be on your toes – they should be spread from the middle to the back of your feet. Try lifting your toes up when you’re standing straight to adjust your body.

2. Focus your eyes on one spot

eyes focus

(Image: Howcast)

Keep your head and neck straight while you’re doing squats. An easy way to make sure of this is to find a spot in front of you and focus on it as you exercise. This way, you’ll be able to keep your spine neutral too. You don’t want to put too much stress on your back.

3. Move your hips first


Squatting isn’t about bending your knees — you should be sending your hips back as you go down. Remember not to bow while you sink into a squat. Your chest should stay up right.

4. Your knee should be reach the top of your shoe/toe

knee to toe squat

(Image: Stay Wow)

Wondering how low your hips should sink to? Check if your knee has reached the top of your shoe or toe. If you can still see a huge chunk of your toes, chances are your squat isn’t deep enough. At the same time, it’s important to not let your knees go beyond your toes to avoid unnecessary stress on the former.

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