6 Simple Hacks To Help You Eat Healthier

We understand that eating healthy isn’t always easy, especially for those who just started. Temptations are everywhere, and that nasi lemak smells awfully good.

You don’t need to immediately cut all your favourite guilty pleasures from your diet immediately. Start cutting all the unhealthy junk food off gradually. Besides that, here are some simple things you can do to make your meals slightly healthier:

1. Use smaller plates

small portion

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It’s all perception. Everything looks bigger when you put them on a smaller plate. So, you can slowly get yourself used to portion control by ditching your usual plates for a smaller one.

2. Eat fresh vegetables

green vegetables

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Simply because the same amount of vegetables look more filling when they’re fresh and cold. Similar to the logic above, it’s a good way of controlling your meal portions as fresh vegetables usually fill up the plates easily.

3. Have breakfast within an hour after waking up


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Wanna lose weight? Eat breakfast. It’s good for your metabolism as it forces it to work at full capacity. The earlier you have it, the better.

4. Drink almond milk instead of milk

almond milk

(Image: Medical News Today)

If you absolutely need milk in your daily diet, try almond milk. It has lower calories than cow’s milk, and has more nutrients too. You can add this into your coffee or tea as well.

5. Have some lemon water

lemon water

(Image: Let’s Go Healthy)

The weather in Singapore and Malaysia can be really unforgiving sometimes. Coupled with the spicy food that we love, having some lemon water at least once a day for its anti-inflammatory properties is good for our bodies. Besides that, lemon can help regulate your blood sugar level and burn excess fat.

6. Dark chocolate is the way to go

dark chocolate

(Image: Men’s Fitness)

Can’t live without chocolate? Throw away the bar of Snickers and munch on some 86% dark chocolate instead. These yummy bites can actually lower your blood pressure levels, and boost brain power too!

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