5 Top Chinese New Year Snacks and How Much You Need To Work Out To Get Rid of Them

It’s the most huat-derful season of the year, and this is probably when you arranged your cheat days to be on. But before you dive into the mountain of pineapple tarts and bak kwa, you might want to reconsider how much you’re gonna munch on.

Sorry to spoil your Chinese New Year, but here’s some info you need to know:

5 pineapple tarts – 370 calories

cny snacks

(Image: Andrew86Tay)

All that buttery goodness coupled with that sweet-and-sour jam come with a heavy 74 calories per piece. To burn those off, you’ll need one of these:

  • One hour of zumba;
  • Half an hour of jogging (at least 6mph); or
  • Half an hour of swimming

2 bak kwa – 740 calories

bak kwa

(Image: SBS)

You must have already expected this, seeing how deliciously oily and fatty the piece of meat is. Each piece is equivalent to five pineapple tarts, which is also about four bowls of white rice. Here are some things you can do to lose it:

  • One hour of jumping rope;
  • One hour of cycling; or
  • One and a half hour of treadmill running

2 fried nian gao – 380 calories

fried nian gao

(Image: Hungry Peepor)

The sweet gooey centre is our guilty pleasure – and you only get to eat it once a year! Don’t overeat these though, the after effects are not pretty:

  • Half an hour on the elliptical machine; or
  • One hour of football; or
  • One hour of circuit training

5 kuih kapit – 85 calories

kuih kapit

(Image: AK)

This isn’t so bad, but it doesn’t mean that you can binge on kuih kapit. Wanna burn this? Choose of these exercises:

  • Five rounds of sprints and push-ups (1 minute each); or
  • 10 minutes of boxing; or
  • 10 minutes of jumping jacks

2 prawn crackers – 446 calories

prawn crackers

(Image: PurelyB)

It’s not Chinese New Year without some homemade prawn crackers. As appealing  as the term ‘homemade’ may sound to health conscious people, these are still quite high in calories. This is what you gotta do to get rid of those calories:

  • 45 minutes of bodyweight exercises; or
  • 70 minutes of boxing; or
  • Two hours of yoga

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