Important Things You Should Do Before Lifting Weights

Weight lifting is an essential gym workout that’s great for burning calories and building strength. The progress is easily noticeable, which makes this activity really popular with most people. However, it’s really important to do some warm ups before you start lifting to protect yourself from injuries.

So before you head for the dumbbells or weight sets, these are some of the things you need to do:

1. Squats


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It’s recommended that you do 12-20 slow reps of squats before pumping iron to warm up your body. It prepares your muscles for the intense workout, so the risk of sustaining any injury is minimised. The older you get, the longer your warm up should be as your body will then need a longer time to prepare itself.

2. Dynamic stretches

dynamic stretch

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Aside from moving your muscles, you’ll need to loosen up your joints too before lifting weights. Dynamic stretches, as compared to static ones, are great for activating the muscles that are required for the strenuous workout. So do some lunges and front kicks to get your joints warmed up!

3. Hip bridge

hip bridge

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The hip bridge is great way to strengthen your core and glute muscles. It also helps correct your posture, so you don’t do weightlifting in a way that will hurt your back. Just 10 reps of this will do and you’re ready for those dumbbells!

You might want to consider taking some CREATINE3 about an hour before your weightlifting session, and immediately after you’re done. It helps you gain more lean muscles and strength, increasing stamina, and helps your muscles recover faster too. 

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