6 Food That Can Help You Fight Flu And Fevers

It’s the flu and fever season again. A few of your colleagues have taken MCs; while most of those who are in the office are either coughing or sneezing. You’re crossing your fingers hoping that you won’t fall sick – you’ve been drinking lots of water and staying away from super oily food.

And yet, you can’t help but wonder if there’s a hint of a sore throat coming…

Continue to keep yourself hydrated, and increase the intake of some of these food in your daily meal to help your body fight against these annoying illnesses:

1. Green vegetables

green vegetables

(Image: The Living Farm)

Green vegetables, especially leafy ones, are rich in nutrients. The darker the shade of green, the more nutrients it contains. These vegetables can help relieve some of the symptoms as well, like cough and runny nose.

2. Lemon and honey tea

lemon honey tea

(Image: Yummy Tummy)

This hot drink doesn’t just soothe your throat when you’re having terrible coughs – it can help prevent infections too. Honey is said to be able to reduce the risk of you catching a fever; while the vitamin C in lemons can boost your immune system.

3. Almonds


(Image: Ingredients Inc.)

It’s recently discovered that almonds can also help you fight the common cold. According to research, almonds can strengthen your body’s immune system. Aside from that, it can also help you fight against the virus even if you’re already ill.

4. Salmon

baked salmon

(Image: Martha Stewart)

Salmon is a good source for vitamin D, a nutrient that can protect you against flu. The best salmon are the wild ones, as they contain lower calories and fats. On top of that, wild salmon tend to have lower amounts of contaminant as compared to farmed ones.

5. Eggs


(Image: Pinterest)

You’re more likely to fall sick if your daily meals don’t contain enough protein. This is because protein is one of the main nutrients that arms your body against flu and fevers. Eggs are a good source to get protein, so feel free to have your eggs in any way.

6. Fruits


(Image: Pinterest)

It’s proven that a healthy amount of fruits in your daily diet can help reduce the chances of you catching a cold. The vitamins found in fruits can boost your immune system, so your body is able to fight these viruses and decrease the risks of you from falling sick.

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