What is Nordic Walking and Why it’s Good For You

‘Nordic walking’, which comes from the Finnish sauvakävely, is a type of fitness walk done with a set of specially designed poles that look like ski sticks. The exercise started off as a form of training done by competitive skiers during off season. It started to gain popularity when non-skiers found out about the benefits this form of walking exercise provides:

1. It’s a total body workout

nordic walking

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It’s said that 90% of your body’s muscles are at work when you do Nordic walking. The special poles are used to apply force to your steps, which provides your upper body with strength and stamina training as you walk. You’ll also be working your leg muscles as they have to keep up with your body’s pace as it’s being propelled by the poles.

2. It improves your posture

nordic walking

(Image: Nordic Walking UK Malaysia)

The first thing you need to do before starting your pole walk is to make sure your body is in the right posture. You’ll need to stand tall and straight when you’re using the poles. Your shoulders should also be in a relaxed state for a comfortable walk.

3. It burns more calories than you daily walks

nordic walking

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While leg muscles are usually the only ones at work during your daily walks, Nordic walking will engage your arm and torso muscles as well. With more muscles at work, more calories are burned during the exercise.

The best part about it is that you can do Nordic walking anywhere – even around your neighbourhood! It’s the simplest way to start leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

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