4 Great Arm Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

While it’s true that back and chest workouts can help strengthen your arm muscles, it’s also important to focus some time on arms alone. And no, you don’t always need dumbbells and weights to get a good arm workout.

Here are some effective ones that you can do at home, and pretty much anywhere:

1. Planking


(Image: T Nation)

This is the simplest way to work your forearms – you’ll also feel the effects on your shoulders and core too. Do it whichever way you want: the standard plank with your arms extended; bend your elbow and plank from your forearms, or even a side plank.

2. Push ups

push up

(Image: Madbarz)

It’s the easiest and one of the most well known exercises – you probably already started doing it in school. Push ups activate your biceps, triceps, and even your lower body, giving you a full body workout.

3. Tricep dips

tricep dip

(Image: Ben Goldstein)

All you need is a chair or a low bench for this. It’s not the easiest, but it’s great for strengthening your upper body. You can also gain more muscle mass by doing this.

4. Arm circles

arm circles

(Image: Logiism)

It may look like just a simple warm up exercise, but doing arm circles can help really tone your arms. You don’t need dumbbells for this to feel the effects. However, you can use water bottles as weights if you want to.

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