How To Prevent These 5 Common Workout Injuries

Injuries are never fun. The gym is one of the places where you can easily hurt yourself – especially if you didn’t do enough stretching, or if your techniques are wrong. Getting injured while exercising is also super frustrating as it disrupts your workout progress, and you’ll be forced to avoid certain moves.

So here are some simple tips on how you can avoid some common gym injuries:

1. Warm up with lunges


(Image: Amber Venerable)

Lunges are a form of dynamic warm-up: it stretches your muscles, at the same time strengthening them for the exercises you’re about to engage in. Warming up this way helps your body perform better during your exercises, at the same time preventing knee injuries while you’re at it.

2. Start light

light dumbbell

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Don’t grab the heaviest dumbbells immediately – that’s one of the easiest and most common way of injuring yourself. It’s alright to start with the lightest dumbbells, especially if you’re new to exercising. Even if you do weight training regularly, it’s still advisable to start with the lighter weights and slowly move to the heavier ones.

3. Wear comfortable shoes

running shoes

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Shin injuries are not just common among runners who jog outdoors – you can also get them while you’re on the treadmill in the gym too. One of the main problems is the lack of proper running shoes. Don’t settle for a pair that’s too tight or slightly loose as this could sprain your ankles as well.

4. Stretch your back

back stretch

(Image: Physio Pro)

This is important for those who are hitting the gym after a long day at work. Hours of sitting and staring at the computer screen is not good for your posture, so it’s good to do some light back stretches before you start exercising. This helps you prevent any back and neck injuries.

5. Get enough sleep


(Image: NIH)

Your body needs time to recover. If you plan on exercising the next day, make sure you get enough sleep the night before. Insufficient rest and water can cause muscle cramps, or even worse – muscle tears. So give your body enough time to repair and refresh before hitting the gym again.

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