How To Recover From Your Injuries Faster

Some people recover from their injuries within a short period of time, while others aren’t that lucky. It makes it all the more annoying when your injury affects your plans, like hitting the gym or participating in some game.

All injuries will require some time to heal. However, you can do your part to speed things up a little:

1. Go hot and cold

hot cold water

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Take a hot shower, and followed by a cold one. Some people recommend a five-minute hot shower, followed by a 20-second cold one. This method apparently helps you recover faster, and reduces the pain in your muscles.

2. Do some low intensity exercises

low intensity exercise

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You can do some light stretching, or just move your injured muscles slowly during the recovery period. This keeps the blood flowing through the affected muscles to prevent it from over-shortening. Remember not to exert too much pressure – you just want to keep your muscles active without hurting it.

3. Take more vitamins

vitamin rich food

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Your body needs more vitamins to speed up the recovery period. Take more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A and C for the body to build new protein for skin and ligament. These food can also help prevent injury-related infections.

4. Drink lots of water

hydrate fast recovery

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Water is definitely needed for recovery – so remember to stay hydrated! Drink lots of water, or consume food and drinks with high water content like fruit juices, during your recovery period to help your body speed things up. This could also help reduce the pain.

5. Rest

rest recovery

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When your coach or doctor tell you to take it easy and rest while you’re recovering, they mean it. Your body needs sufficient rest to work on helping you recover from your injuries. So take a break, give power naps a go, and have at least eight hours of sleep daily.

6. Don’t forget your protein


Get it from your daily meals and top it up with some of our LeanProtein. Your body needs the amino acid to repair and rebuild injured muscles as well as body tissue. It also helps your wound to heal faster and accelerate the overall recovery process.

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