This Is What FIFA World Cup Players Eat Every Day

Playing in the FIFA World Cup can’t be easy.

After training for months in their home countries, your favourite teams are also training day and night in Russia – even right before the match. With so many energy-draining activities in their schedule, these footballers’ diet plans are of the utmost importance for their managers.

Here’s what it’s like to eat like a FIFA footballer:


training meal footballer

(Image: Potatoes More Than A Bit On The Side)

During training period, footballers would usually eat a balanced portion of carbohydrates, vitamins, and healthy fats. Food like salmon, potatoes, pasta, and carrots can provide them with the energy they need, as well as boosting their attention span to focus during training. Vitamin-rich food, like oranges and apricots, keep illnesses away too.

Before a match

before match footballer food

(Image: RecipeTin Eats)

Private chef Jonny Marsh told the BBC that English footballer Kyle Walker loves having spaghetti bolognese before a game. Ex-England captain Wayne Rooney also tweeted once that pasta is his pre-match food. Loading on carbs is especially important for strikers and midfielders as they are the ones doing the most running during the match.

You won’t find that much carbs on a goalkeeper’s plate though. That’s because this player doesn’t require as much energy as his more high-intensity team members.

After a game

post match footballer food

(Image: Tumblr)

The Head Nutritionist for England’s 2014 FIFA World Cup team revealed that his team’s favourite post-match food is sushi. After a tiring match, footballers desperately need to build and repair muscles before the next match – and the high quality protein found in freshly prepared sashimi is the best for this. Not only does it maintain the body’s muscle, it enhances training and keeps your muscles healthy.

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