Why You Need To Cool Down After Exercising

You’re done with your gym session and you’re feeling great… maybe a little tired too. But your instructor didn’t allow you to grab your bag from the locker just yet, they insist that you follow their lead on the usual cool down routine.

But is cooling down after a workout really necessary? Here are some reasons why you should not skip it:

1. It reduces your heart rate safely

reduce heart rate

(Image: FitDay)

Exercises increase your heart rate. You feel your heart thumping because the blood is flowing rapidly inside your body. An abrupt stop from exercising may leave you a little dizzy as your body has yet to get used to not doing high intensity activities. Cooling down with simple stretches can provide your body with a smoother transition.

2. Prevents stiffness and soreness

stretching cool down

(Image: Fit Elements)

Your muscles would be tensed from exercising and will need some time to relax. Rushing from your gym to another activity without a proper cooling down session may result in muscle sore and stiffness. Stretching a little after your workouts can help prevent that.

3. Saves you from injuries

cool down

(Image: Health and Performance)

Nobody likes injuries, especially not when it could potentially stop you from going to the gym in the next few weeks. An abrupt stop from extreme heart-pumping activities is dangerous as your blood now lacks a ‘push’ to continue at its previous speed, and may result in fainting spells. Tense muscles also require cool downs to relax and elongate, so you don’t end up with sprains or tears.

So don’t forget to allocate at least three minutes to cool down after your workouts! You’ll also need some protein shake to repair and maintain those muscles. Give our delicious Lush Whey a try!

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