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RecoverPure Cocoa 5

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Natural complete post-workout recovery drink. Minimize muscle soreness and restore depleted muscle glycogen.

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Product Description

Key Benefits

Per 1kg: 40 Serves
Per Serve: 88 kCal | 5gm Protein | 3gm Glutamine
 Rapid and complete post workout recovery
 Minimize muscle soreness
 Restore depleted muscle glycogen
 Rebuild muscle tissue & reduce inflammation
 Fortified with l-glutamine, key for recovery
 All natural ingredients with no fillers and unwanted additives
Glutamine fortified drink with a proven mix of complex carbs and protein. Recover faster, so you can do it all again sooner.

What is RecoverPure™?

How well you recover today determines your performance tomorrow. Post exercise, the recovery period is where the body rebuilds and repairs itself to be fitter, faster and stronger than before. Improvement in athletic performance depends on this recovery phase, but only when sufficient rest and optimal nutritional support is provided. Carbohydrates and protein should be replenished as soon as possible after your workout to get the most out of the effort you’ve put in training.

RecoverPure is a complete natural recovery blend which supplies carbohydrates and protein in a proven 3:1 ratio for superior glycogen synthesis and muscle tissue rebuilding, the two pillars of recovery. Using RecoverPure ensures rapid and complete recovery from all of your workouts and races

RecoverPure contains only complex carbohydrates in the form of maltodextrin, which is easily digested and rapidly assimilated with a high glycemic index (GI), to ensure rapid metabolism, preventing stomach distress and for efficient restoration of muscle glycogen. This is paired with whey protein isolate, the purest form of whey protein available which is virtually fat and lactose free, and is unsurpassed for rebuilding lean muscle tissue and immune system support.

Each serving of RecoverPure contains 3g of l-glutamine, a potent amino acid which assists in boosting the immune system, reduces the symptoms of overtraining, plays a role in enhancing glycogen synthesis and stimulates muscle protein synthesis for rebuilding of lean muscle tissue. RecoverPure also contains a full-spectrum electrolyte profile to replenish depleted essential minerals

To top it all off, RecoverPure is flavoured with all natural flavours, are completely free of any thickeners, artificial flavours, colours or unwanted additives.

And as with all LushProtein™ Products – Certificates of Analysis (COA) are provided for all key ingredients


Nutritional Info

Nutritional Profile

Cocoa per [100gm] per serve [25gm]
Calories (kcal) 352 88
Protein (g) 20 5
Fats (g) 1.6 0.4
Saturated (g) 0.8 0.2
Carbohydrates (g) 64 16
Sodium (mg) 180 45
Potassium (mg) 176 44
Magnesium (mg) 80 20
Calcium (mg) 192 48
L Glutamine (g) 12 3


maltodextrin, whey protein isolate, cocoa (cocoa flavour only), chrysanthemum (chrysanthemum flavour only), L glutamine, calcium citrate, magnesium citrate, sodium chloride, sucralose

Suggested Use

Suggested Usage

Use immediately after workouts and races to optimize muscle tissue repair and recovery. Mix the suggested amount for your bodyweight with approximately 120-200ml of cold water or more and consume. These are estimated doses, each athlete should determine their personal optimum and adjust accordingly. Serving scoop included.

Bodyweight Servings Calories
to 40KG 1 serve 88 calories
40-55KG 1-2 serves 88-176 calories
55-70KG 1.5-2 serves 132-176 calories
70-85KG 2-3 serves 176-264 calories
85KG+ 3-4 serves 264-352 calories


Q.Who should take / benefit from RecoverPure?
A.Anyone involved in sports – Endurance athletes, bodybuilders, strength athletes and those active in team sports.

Q.What improvements can I expect to see from taking RecoverPure?
A.Firstly, you will notice an improved recovery time. In addition you’ll also see enhanced muscle repair and growth.

Q.When should I take RecoverPure?
A.Immediately following training or competition.

Q.Why do I need to take RecoverPure?
A.To accelerate the entire recovery process, enhance growth and repair. This ensures you get the maximum benefit from the effort you put in during training.

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